Katie S

I cannot recommend Polly enough; it sounds melodramatic but she actually changed my life! When I got in touch with Polly my 6 month old daughter was no way near sleeping through the night, she would wake at least 3 times staying awake for 2 hours each time and I was totally and utterly exhausted. Polly helped me to organize my daughter's naps during the day so she was awake for the correct amount of time, gave me a feeding schedule to follow and gently encouraged me to stay on track. I couldn't believe it when my daughter slept through the night for the first time, I had to keep checking on her to make sure she was still ok! My husband and I got our evenings back, I stopped feeling like a zombie and I could go out in the evening without worrying when she would wake up. Thank you so much Polly. Katie, Edu and Lucia xx