Our gratitude for the help, support and advice Polly has given us is endless. Our son, at
around 10 months old, would tantrum when placed in his cot each evening, repeatedly
wake through the night, and wake early every morning, leaving us exhausted which was
having a knock on effect on the energy we were able to put in with our other children.
Through Polly's assessment, knowledge and empathy, she really got to know us, our son
and our problems, and provided in depth, truly helpful advice that has improved
everything far beyond our expectations. She took time and commitment and provided
clear, evidence based steps to follow, and with a plan that was tailored to us we were
able to implement these easily.
Throughout the changes, we felt incredibly well supported, and Polly's care, kindness and
approachability meant that we felt we were in it together throughout, being able to ask
for extra help if needed whilst gradually becoming more independent and gaining the
confidence that we could go on to continue with the changes ourselves.
We noticed dramatic changes very quickly, and unbelievably our son had his first ever full
nights sleep after just three days. Although we had disruptions due to illness, Polly gave us
really helpful advice, which we will be able to use in future. Our son now very rarely wakes in
the night, sleeps later in the morning, and actually seems happy to go to bed, both at night and
for naps - I can't believe the difference. It has given everyone so much more sleep, and I
honestly cannot thank Polly enough - I totally would recommend asking her for help without