Katie S

I cannot recommend Polly enough; it sounds melodramatic but she actually changed my life! Polly helped me to organise my daughter’s naps during the day, gave me a feeding schedule to follow and gently encouraged me to stay on track. I couldn’t believe it when my daughter slept through the night for the first time, I had to keep checking on her to make sure she was still ok!

Katie S, mummy to Lucia (6 months)


Polly was incredibly patient and insightful and she allowed me to see through the noise to focus on the important issues that were stopping my baby from sleeping through. She gently showed me the small things that I could change, which implemented altogether, made a huge difference. Within a week everyone was sleeping through which was amazing.

Jo, mummy to Meredith (5 months)


I cannot recommend Polly highly enough. She quickly identified the root of my daughter's poor sleeping and her practical strategies were extremely effective, as a result my daughter is now a fantastic sleeper. Polly is so supportive throughout the training which made me feel much more comfortable and confident in dealing with any issues that arose along the way.

Sarah, Mummy of Eva (9 months)


The support that Polly has given us was (and still is) fantastic. Polly is so professional, has brilliant tips and keeps you sane! I would absolutely recommend Polly to help! ... Our lives have changed! I can't thank Polly enough for her expert advice!

Katie, Mummy of Oscar and Felix (3 ½ year old twins)


Our son, at around 10 months old, would tantrum when placed in his cot each evening, repeatedly wake through the night, and wake early every morning, leaving us exhausted… We noticed dramatic changes very quickly, and unbelievably our son had his first ever full nights sleep after just three days… Our son now very rarely wakes in the night, sleeps later in the morning, and actually seems happy to go to bed, both at night and for naps - I can’t believe the difference.

Crystal, mummy of Archie (10 months)